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Affordable and Professional Bike Fitting Prices

Comprehensive bike fit

Cost: £170
Duration: about 4hrs

Our bespoke comprehensive bike fitting session is tailored to your body and your goals. We will asses your biomechanics, muscle flexibility and overall stability on the bike. We will address a number of factors including the most suitable saddle height and saddle setback, the saddle angle, reach and drop to handlebars, hoods positioning and foot separation to align the knees. To only mention a few!

Foot stability and activation

Cost: £75
Duration: about 1.5 hr

This entails finding the right level of arch support and wedging to improve the alignment of all joint of kinetic chain up to the hip. Insoles with the correct level of arch support provide contact between the shoe and foot to increase proprioception. This results in improved ability to control the pedal action and resulting in overall stability on the bike.
There is an additional cost for insoles:

G8 Insoles: £95
Sidas Insoles: £35

We may recommend G8 Insoles as the best option if the arch hight is significantly different from one foot to another.

Annual Reassessment

Cost: £75
Duration: about 1.5 hr

If you are fitted by us, we recommend an annual re-assessment. An annual re-assessment would ensure that you have the best possible set up to continue to achieve your goals.

Second bike setup

Cost: £50
Duration: about 1 hr

We can transfer your bike settings to your second bike assuming that the second bike is similar (e.g. road bike settings to second road bike).

the velosseum - Bike Fitting Services

Second pair of shoes setup

Cost: £30
Duration: about 40 minutes

If you are fitted by us, we can set up your second pair of shoes. This will ensure your cleats and pedal interface is accurate to achieve comfort and efficiency.

Appointment Information

Bring the following to your bike fit appointment

Your Bike
Cycling Kit
Cycling Shoes
Something to drink


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