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A bit about us

I have been bike fitting and studying the subject for a number of years. I have gained an extensive experience of fitting beginner and leisure riders. I have worked with and advised a number of talented riders from national champions to world championship participants. I have got the knowledge and skill to provide the latest scientific bike fitting services.

I do not rely on bike fitting software programmes or fit by numbers. Usually bike fitting technology solutions include static or dynamic measurements of joint angles such as the hip and knees. These system generated measurements do not always work for everyone as these computer models do not take into consideration the individual’s muscular flexibility, strengths and core functionality. 

My mission is to provide a professional bike fitting alternative to these data driven bike fitting services which are commonly offered across the country.

Our bike fitting methodology

Everyone is unique and a bike fit should achieve a comfortable, efficient and powerful position on the bike which is tailored to individual’s body and riding goals.

This requires a perfect balance between rider and bike. The key objectives of our session, regardless of a rider’s bike discipline, are to achieve pedalling efficiency, balance and comfort in order for the rider to deliver power for a sustainable period of time.

Although there are only three contact points: saddle, pedals, and handlebar, a number of variables need to be managed as part of the bike fit because the human body is asymmetrical whereas bikes are almost perfectly symmetrical. This fundamental mismatch can cause all sorts of bike related discomfort and injury when a rider asserts force for a period of time.

That is why we perform a detailed biomechanical assessment to understand your muscular flexibility, movement efficiency, imbalances and overall stability on the bike. We will establish any injuries and discomforts which need to be considered during the bike fit. We will then determine your previous and current sporting activity, your cycling profile and future goals to deliver a fully bespoke bike fit. 

It takes around 3 to 4 weeks for a rider to adapt to new settings. Our price includes the option to have a follow up appointment after the period of adaptation.

Our bike fitting service is based around rider care and our core value is to achieve the best outcome for our clients. We are riders too!


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