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Professional Bike Fitting Services

Comfortable, efficient and powerful riding

We provide bike fitting services to beginners, professionals and everyone in-between. We have worked with and advised an array of talented riders across the UK and South Asia.

Our bike fit would put you in an optimal position, take away any occurring discomfort, help you output more power and overall just make you feel comfortable on the bike.

We do not rely on bike fitting software programmes or fit by numbers. Everyone is unique and our bike fit aim is to give you an optimal and comfortable position on the bike.

New cyclist - we would advise you to get a bike fit which would help prevent avoidable problems and develop an optimum muscle pattern.

We will spend time with you to assess your biomechanical elements, such as flexibility, tightnesses and imbalances, and factor it into finding an optimal position on the bike for you. This will help to prevent injury and make you an efficient and powerful rider. Having correct position on the bike will increase comfort which will result in endurance improvement.

We’re not in the business of selling you new parts that you don’t need. Our main goal is to set up your bike to achieve maximum results for you. We explain every change to settings, making sure our customers understand all aspects of our bike fitting procedure. Each bike fit ensures our riders are happy with their new position before leaving the studio.

We provide aftercare to ensure we fitted you correctly and that you are happy with the positions.

Why choose the velosseum?

  • Fully bespoke, professional bike fitting service tailored to your body and goals
  • Detailed biomechanics assessment to determine your flexibility, tightness, strength and balance
  • Cycling biomechanics analysis
  • Improving ride comfort, power, endurance and safety
  • Suitable for beginners to professional cyclists
  • Home bike fitting services including smart bikes to support your indoor training 
  • Aftercare to guarantee satisfaction
  • Member of International Bike Fitting Institute
  • Cytech Level 2 qualified bike technician


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the velosseum, Bike Fitting Services


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the velosseum - Bike Fitting Services

Bike Fitting Services

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the velosseum - Bike Fitting Services


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Professional Bespoke Bike Fitting

the velosseum, cytech qualified mechanic

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